Groupe ZELO is a visionary real estate developer based in the Aylmer sector of Gatineau in the Outaouais region. Our goal is to develop high-end communities with an excellent quality of life thanks to a proximity to services and amenities and an emphasis on common and green spaces.

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Groupe ZELO stands out from other real estate developers in the Outaouais because of the quality and durability of all our work. As a creator of high-end communities, we attach great importance to how this work is done. We select the building materials used in our real estate projects based on the criteria of quality, durability and efficiency.

When it comes to the exterior cladding, roofing or the kitchens of the homes we build, we exclusively use high-grade materials. We use only metal, fiber cement and wood in our vinyl-free siding. The masonry is very high quality as are the roofs, which have a thirty-year warranty rather than the usual twenty to twenty-five years.

The materials’ greater durability results in reduced building maintenance costs. In the long term, building maintenance is much less expensive.

The quality of our buildings in the Outaouais is also reflected in their architecture. We always design ceilings to be nine feet high rather than the typical eight feet. Our homes have superior soundproofing, which ensures residents’ peace and privacy. The careful selection of quality materials extends all the way to our kitchen countertops, which are all quartz and have a nonporous, sturdy, stain-resistant surface.


Groupe ZELO builds communities in carefully chosen locations with the most possible amenities, such as multi-purpose trails and easy access to the public transportation network. We make sure that they’re all near established services—schools, parks, public services, public transportation and so on. We also ensure that green spaces are nearby. Being outside the downtown area, our communities offer greater access to greenways. Moreover, the layout of our real estate projects in the Outaouais maximizes common spaces and provides play areas for children, gardens and green corridors. We design the layout of our real estate projects in the Outaouais to achieve a balance between green spaces and residential density. The abundance of green areas in Groupe ZELO’s real estate projects and the maximization of common spaces—such as gardens and play areas for children—make our communities wonderful places to live.



At the forefront of real estate development in the Outaouais, Groupe ZELO is always ahead of the game when it comes to new requirements for green and environmentally responsible construction in the housing sector and new developments in energy efficiency and sustainable materials. We are positioning ourselves as an innovative real estate developer who is constantly looking to stay well ahead of new municipal requirements and new residential development trends in the Outaouais. 

In the communities that the group develops, you will notice green roofs and membranes designed to prevent heat islands from forming. We also consider energy-efficient windows and check the various options available on the market. 

Groupe ZELO builds communities that allow new residents to have a whole range of transportation options; we carefully select and develop our communities’ locations to be close to multipurpose trails, such as bike paths and sidewalks, and the public transportation network. Nearby services and communities developed to maximize common spaces, such as gardens and play areas, reduce car use. 


Transparency: For us, transparency is paramount when developing our real estate projects. That is why we regularly invite residents of the various cities and municipalities in the Outaouais to public consultations so that we can answer their questions and hear their comments.

Quality: We don’t do things halfway or do shoddy work. Our thoroughness sets us apart.

Local Development: ​​​We work with Outaouais businesses and contribute to the region’s economic development. We rely on the local services of consultants, and firms based in the Outaouais. This can be seen in our partners, who are all from the Outaouais and 100% owned by Outaouais shareholders.


Groupe ZELO is a joint venture that arose from the association of two companies, one in the Outaouais and the other in New Zealand. The company’s name comes from these two places. ZEL refers to New Zealand and O, to the Outaouais region and the waters of the Ottawa River (in addition to being the first letter of the river’s name, O sounds like the word eau, meaning water in French).

The alliance of the two companies, Investissements JCG and Dines Investments Canada Limited, has enabled combining strengths, skills and resources to take on larger projects.

Groupe ZELO is made up of several well-known partners in the Outaouais in the field of real estate and residential construction.


Groupe ZELO has many prominent, well-established local partners in the Outaouais.

Our partners include, among others, construction, architecture, urban planning and design companies—all 100% owned by Outaouais businesspeople.

Here are our main partners:

  • J.B. Construction Inc. : Groupe ZELO works in partnership with this general contractor specializing in new construction in the Outaouais region. Armed with fifteen years of experience in the construction industry in the Outaouais, J.B. Construction—founded by Joey Brunet and now employing about twenty people—offers an outstanding residential construction warranty.

  • QDI : With more than forty employees who are passionate about engineering, QDI is the largest independent consulting engineering firm in the Outaouais region.

  • Planéo Conseil : A multidisciplinary firm working in urban planning, landscape architecture and urban design, Planéo Conseil specializes in planning real estate projects, enhancing urban and rural areas, territorial planning and municipal regulations.

  • 4 Architecture + Design inc. : Groupe ZELO works with this Gatineau architecture and design firm that stands out for its ingenuity and reliability.

  • B.G. Thauvette électrique : Groupe ZELO works with this Gatineau company and draws on the expertise of their electricians and unparalleled services. The company is a member of the Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec.


Groupe ZELO’s real estate projects will have a positive economic impact on the Outaouais with a financial investment of several millions of dollars over a five- to ten-year period.

Le Domaine Lattion real estate project in Gatineau’s Aylmer sector, which was completed in May 2019, created new jobs in the real estate business in Gatineau and called upon local architectural, construction, urban planning and design businesses.