Are you a real estate investor in the Gatineau-Ottawa region or elsewhere in the Outaouais?

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Whether you’re a small or large real estate investor in the Outaouais looking for a dozen units or a hundred doors, we offer a variety of prestigious homes in outstanding locations near public and commercial services and amenities in Gatineau-Ottawa.

We invite investors interested in learning more to consult our real estate projects section where we list all our rental real estate projects in the Gatineau-Ottawa area in detail. Luxurious condos, triplexes, fourplexes and much more await you!

For your real estate investments, choose ZELO.


Quality, Durability and Reduced Maintenance Costs!

ZELO knows that investing in high-quality materials pays off in the long run. That’s why, in all the group’s projects, we choose construction materials primarily based on their quality, durability and efficiency. These high-end materials, excellent workmanship and refined finishes allow us to reduce long-term maintenance costs.

To learn more about ZELO and the values behind everything we do, visit the Group’s page


Better Tenant Retention!

ZELO builds communities in carefully selected locations to provide the most possible amenities, such as multi-purpose trails and easy access to the public transportation network. We ensure that all our communities are near established services—schools, parks, public services and public transportation.

We also make sure that green spaces are nearby. In addition, the development of our real estate projects in the Outaouais maximizes common areas to provide play areas for children, gardens and green corridors.

Our real estate projects are about more than just flawless construction quality; they showcase attractive modern architecture and striking aesthetics


We save you time and effort!

ZELO sells its rental residential blocks to real estate investors only when these blocks are 100% rented. That way, we guarantee tenants so they can save the time and trouble involved in finding them. 



Neighbouring Canada’s capital (Ottawa) and boasting a population of nearly 300,000, Gatineau—Quebec’s fourth-largest city—has a healthy housing ecosystem and flourishing entrepreneurial opportunities. The residential real estate market in the Gatineau region is doing very well: there were no fewer than 4,209 residential sales in 2017, up 6% from 2016. In the rental market, a 33% increase in rental housing construction was recorded in 2016. In 2018, there were over 12,000 renter households with incomes of $60,000 and up.



Rental Property Management

Aside from residential sales and rentals, ZELO also offers real estate management services to its real estate investors for its real estate holdings in Gatineau-Ottawa and elsewhere in the Outaouais.