Le carré Lesage community is an urban village offering a variety of upscale and new, very well-located homes near public services and amenities in Gatineau’s Aylmer sector.

Less than 800 metres from des Allumettières Boulevard, Gatineau’s principal arterial road, and just minutes from the STO’s public transit system, not to mention the bike path right across from it, Le carré Lesage boasts an embarrassment of riches when it comes to choosing travel options in the Gatineau-Ottawa region.

Le carré Lesage maximizes common areas throughout its eight buildings and provides you with green spaces inside the community.

What’s more, the surrounding area features many services and establishments:

  • About 250 metres from a primary school

  • 2 nearby childcare centres

  • The Aylmer Marina is just a 5-minute walk.

  • The Potager Eardley is just a 5-minute drive.

  • Wilfrid-Lavigne Park is 5-minute drive.

  • Multipurpose bike path on des Allumettières Boulevard

  • Many sidewalks on the periphery

Le carré Lesage offers proximity to urban areas, such as Hull, downtown Gatineau and downtown Ottawa, without compromising access to Aylmer’s lush natural surroundings.

Le carré Lesage makes it easy to find the perfect balance and enjoy a high quality of life thanks to the many nearby services easily reachable without driving.

Carré Lesage - Groule Zelo - Aylmer

Thoughtful Architecture and Planning

Le carré Lesage is made up of eight brightly coloured, warm, striking buildings with attractive modern architecture. 

The upper floors of the buildings have mezzanines with balconies and terraces on flat roofs that you can set up anyway you want or where you can create small gardens.

In each of the buildings, you will find common spaces providing areas for relaxation, games and vegetation. The green corridors between the buildings and large trees found throughout the community create a pleasant natural setting.

Additionally, all parking lots are inside the buildings, which maintains the units’ privacy and meshes with the community’s uncluttered aesthetic and harmonious atmosphere.

That way, we also ensure that the infrastructures’ layout isn’t obtrusive.

Le carré Lesage strikes the perfect balance between green spaces and urban density. 

See the layout plan and the aerial view of the site.

Carré Lesage - Groule Zelo - Aylmer

Living in Aylmer, Gatineau

Aylmer is a sector with a lot to offer. Its geographical location is ideal: It strikes the perfect balance between nature and urban life. Aylmer is located just twenty minutes from downtown Ottawa and about fifteen minutes from Gatineau Park.

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Carré Lesage - Groule Zelo - Aylmer